About Us

OAAM's Vision and Mission

OAAM’s vision and mission is to build and promote a sustainable industry with high level of standards, good governance, and ethics and lead to unite a responsible outdoor advertising industry towards all stakeholders – i.e. governmental authorities, agencies, advertisers, and communities – in achieving national economic growth.


OAAM's Objectives

To maintain and develop the market interests in utilising outdoor advertising as an advertising medium and to project the mutual interest of members within the industry. 

To work towards high standards of market ethics and maintain the same within the industry.

To provide an official voice whereby members of the Association can co-operatively make known their wishes to associations of advertisers, agencies and other advertising organizations.

To represent the industry in negotiations with Government and other decision makers.

To provide service and information on all matters relating to outdoor advertising.

To promote and encourage the design, manufacture, construction ans use of effective outdoor advertising signs.

Company Background

OAAM is an Out-of-Home (OOH) association and fraternity to a few components of the outdoor advertising – i.e. Media Owners, Outdoor Media Specialists, Large Format printers, and Structural Builders – which commands an annual billing of approximately RM1.2 billion. With it’s rapid growing pace, OAAM and its members will soon control a market share of more than 80% of the total OOH ADEX. Based on research done, the OOH industry in Malaysia includes over 300 operators representing the major OOH format categories. However, 10% of the total 300 operators command a staggering 80% of Malaysia’s OOH mediums (AIMS, 2016) hence making the other operators seem irrelevant and/or delinquent.